Therapies & Activities

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Meditation Y






Monday - Friday  8:00AM - 9:00PM

Saturday  1:30PM - 2:30PM

Sunday  1:30PM - 2:30PM

Therapies & Activities



Delivered from a number of location and premises in plymouth or if you struggle to get out and would prefer session at your own home this can be arranged. I can also deliver hypnotherapy or talk session through Skype.  




Office location:- £55

Home visit:- £45

Skype:- £35

Please ask about discounts!



Monday 7pm-9pm Skype only

Tuesday 9AM - 3PM

Wednesday 7pm-9pm Skype

Thursday 9am - 3pm

Friday 7pm - 9pm Skype only

Saturday 10am - 4pm

Sunday - ocasional availabilty


Registered Hypno-Band


Having a Hypno-Band fitted is like having a gastric band fitted but without the surgery. 

It offers a reduced cost in comparison to surgery and without the physical risk.



This consist of 4 / 6 sessions and any recordings / information sheets


 On the night - £5

 Pay by direct debit £16 a month



Tuesday 6pm to 7pm


Warrior Bootcamp


From circuits to kettlebells, jogging to bleep tests. Working as a group, team in pairs or solo, every session is different, that's what makes these session intresting and fun. Location sometimes varies but generally you will find us at central park in Plymouth down the left hand side of Argyle football stadium. 


Personal Training

Train at your own home or outdoors, no need to go to the gym. Body weight exercises used or equipment brought to you to use, Weight management and nutrional advice given to help you achieve your goals. Group session option available.


30 minutes £15


45 minutues £25


60 miuntes £30


Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday


10% for Emergency service / NHS & O.A.Ps

Body & Mind Managment Programe - New for 2019

Have you tried dieting and fitness but old habits creep back in? Is it the body is strong but the mind is weak? Whatever the reason this new programe looks at various aspect to help you reach your goals in  a controled and timely fashion that is right for you, we are all different and change happens at different times for every individual. 

What's involved, weight management, fitness training, therapies to help the mind, nutrional advice. These session will be as group and or if required one to one sessions.


Evolution Warrior is Trading under The Evolution Warrior Limited.


Latest News

Business registered January 2018 and started trading in April 2018.

Warrior Bootcamp Launches :

 May 01st, 2018

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5 Carlton Close, Plymouth,

Devon, PL3 6JS 

Email: markhoney@evolution

Phone : 07501862443